our products

At our company, you can produce lighting glasses in many different shapes and surfaces. Regardless of indoor or outdoor use, we go for the highest quality in all areas. Most of these glasses are “mouth blown”, but we also offer centrifugal and pressed glasses as well.

No matter what you require, from the smallest glass with 40mm diameter, up to large ceiling bowls or spheres with a max. Of 500mm diameter, we will make it possible. The production of glasses in opal or in clear transparent glass for lighting fixtures is our speciality.

Moreover, you can also order lighting objects made of “ground colour glass”. They are available in the following typical colours: cobalt blue, bottle green, ruby red or cognac brown. Many surfaces: matted, glossy or painted in different colour tones are available for each glass. Please tell us what you need!

If you don´t need mouth blown hollow corps, but rather flat glass covers for your lighting fixtures, we can provide them too. The thickness can vary from 2mm up to 10mm, they can be curved, drilled, polished, engraved or painted. No matter what you need, contact us and we will help.