we are passionate about glass

Hardly any material is so versatile and requires so much workmanship when processed into products of outstanding quality. Are you looking for lighting glass which fulfils your highest expectations regarding design and treatment? Do you require high-quality lighting glass that is fabricated individually and in special shapes and measurements? In that case just contact us! If you need classical shapes like: globes, cylinders, cone shades, hoods or other spotlight glasses, we are the right point of contact. Since we have over 300 typical shapes in our program, and we store several thousand glasses, we can deliver most of them directly in short time.

After more than 30 years of experience in the glass and lighting industry, we know exactly what it takes to manufacture glassware.

We maintain daily contact with the best East European glassworks. We take care of everything from assessment and creation of the first design, commissioning, construction of the mould as well as production, shipping and final inspection.

With this “all in one hand-approach” we ensure that you will be able to concentrate fully on your own business, meanwhile we take care of your glasses.

An individual quotation with a fixed rate, fulfilment of agreed production time, delivery and warehousing capacity are always included in our service.