our services

We offer your company a “free from worries” package. This covers every step from the personal consultation to the construction of a mould, to the communication with the glass works, transport and final inspection of the produced glasses on our premises.

Based on your first sketches and designs, we already give an assessment if your concept can be realised. If necessary, we also suggest improvements or alternative solutions. If your idea does not conform to one of our 300 standard shapes, we can build the mould for your desired model. Everything will be carried out in consultation and agreement with you based on a precalculated fixed offer. All this is possible because of our longstanding experience in manufacturing and marketing lighting glasses, reinforced by our regular “on site” presence at the glass works.

To ensure the timely and continuous availability of your glasses, we offer to store part of the glasses produced for you, in our warehouse, until you need more of them.

The shipping of your glasses will be done exclusively on pallets and transported by a carrier of your choice.

Any delivery of single articles by mail or other parcel/service will be done only in the special case of sample exchange.